AWS Fundamentals: Migrating to the AWS Cloud

Week 1 of this course introduces the concept of migration and some background material, and we also discuss the format that the rest of the course will follow. You learn about why migration is an important topic, different migration types, and the three-phase migration structure. You also learn about some tools that can help you with learn more about migrations and how to plan them (such as AWS Prescriptive Guidance).

Week 2 dives into the assess phase of the migration structure. This week focuses on understanding and evaluating your current infrastructure. Tools such as AWS Migration Evaluator and AWS Migration Hub are crucial to this step of your migration, and discussions with your organization about your business needs for migrating are also critical. Additionally, you should take the time to learn about how your utilization in your on-premises environment translates to AWS services and tools.

Week 3 focuses on the mobilize phase of the migration. This week, you learn about the methods and tools that are useful for building a refined migration plan. We discuss getting your team and applications ready for migration, look at services like AWS Application Discovery Service, and cover how the AWS Partner Network (APN) can help you establish your migration plan. To close this section, you learn about AWS Management and Governance, AWS Control Tower, and AWS Landing Zone—tools that can help you prepare for the actual work of migrating applications while also prioritizing security and dependability.

In the final week of this course, you focus on the migrate and modernize phase of the migration structure. During week 4, you learn about migrating specific types of components and the services that assist with their migration: AWS Application Migration Service, AWS Database Migration Service, AWS DataSync, AWS Storage Gateway, and the AWS Snow Family. This week closes with some additional resources so that you can continue your self-paced study with AWS.

AWS Fundamentals: Migrating to the AWS Cloud
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